We analyze sensor data intelligently for smarter decisions

Record We help you with data acquisition of your distributed infrastructure through our partner surveying companies

Analyze Our intelligent state-of-the-art AI Algorithm extract information you are interested in

Visualize Through our cloud visualizations we help you to make better more accurate decisions faster

Use cases

Our algorithms provide a wide variety of use cases, for example detection of encroachment for Vegetation management, detection and extraction of a wide variety of features, such as traffic signs, traffic lights, junction boxes etc.



“Nikolaas is an artificial intelligence and computervision expert with a solid engineering background. He has worked with big-data, autonomous cars and Mapping. He likes math, very difficult problems you cannot google and need creativity for solving.”

Nikolaas Steenbergen
Cofounder - Chief Photon Officer

“Juliens eyes sparkle when you see him talking about point clouds. With almost two decades of experience in point cloud processing, engineering and startups no challenge is too hard for him to overcome.”

Julien Pennecot
Cofounder - Lidar Boy

Partners and challenges

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